"Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957)

‘I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl’ Princess Margaret

Information in itself is benign and like any tool it can be used for good and bad.  It is the use of information that requires protection not the tool. Want an example that backs up what I just said?

Let’s talk about Facebook pictures (at this point 2 out of 5 readers will go on their Facebook profile, I’m guessing, but please come back).

What you should't post on your Facebook

What you should’t post on your Facebook

Everyone is talking about how someone’s Facebook profile can weigh more than a CV or recommendation, when applying for a job. So, FB users who like to portray themselves as party animals on Facebook will not be perceived as employable no matter their academic or work background.

Let me tell you a little story. In my second year in Uni,
I’ve been told that the fact that I don’t socialise as much, I don’t go out
with my fellow students on nights out and that’s pretty obvious on my FB
profile. Besides the absolute shock I had that the person I was talking to was
aware of what pictures I have and don’t have on my FB profile, my first thoughts
were: shouldn’t knowledge and ability to deliver best quality academic work
outweigh that? Would a future employer’s opinion be the same on this matter?
Well, apparently not, cause if you tend to have wall posts about nights out,
hundreds of pictures clubbing, etc. you are no longer employable.

So, my question is, what should someone chose? Maintaining a
professional image and being perceived as an unapproachable person and unable
to get the best grades for group work or having over 100 tags in common with
people from the course at ‘social’ nights out, clubbing and getting better
grades at group work, but becoming less employable? Think this it’s a weird and
irrelevant association? Ask someone who was ever in university and they will be
in one or the other situation.

But would this really be an issue if pictures and posts you
have on a social media platform would just remain at that and it would remain a
social media website, so a way to keep in contact with friends and other
unprofessional activities… If a real distinction between personal and
professional profiles would be done?

When Mark Zuckenberg claimed that privacy is no longer de riguer and ‘no longer a social norm’
my first thought was, yeah, not entirely wrong, but then again, texting and
driving became a standard behaviour lately. Facebook is doing to privacy what
Nokia was trying to do driving carefully (the steering-wheel input device for

Following this rational path that people are doing it anyway
so why not enable them and do things easier, murderers could viably argue:
‘Well, people die anyway, so why not lend a hand in the process?”

Information in itself is benign and like any tool it can be used for good and bad.  It is the use of information that requires protection not the tool. What an example that backs up what I just said?Let’s talk about Facebook pictures (at this point 2 out

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4 thoughts on “‘I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl’ Princess Margaret

  1. Would you consider as serious employer the one whose opinion about you is based on what you published in Facebook? Me personally NOT!

  2. mihaela990 on said:

    Firtsly, Facebook is the easyest way to build a personal profile about somebody and it is a well known fact that all the employers are using this tool, that`s why we are taught in classes how to keep it professional, that`s why all our lecturers insist a lot on this. It is a serious thing used by serious employers, so if somebody puts pictures on Facebook with her drunk, wearing only a bra on a night out, well…it won`t be a surprise if she doesn`t get a job.

  3. Arncliffe (Tall Muscly Guy) on said:

    yeah thats all very well and good but what someone does in their personal life is absolutley none of the employers business. i could get drunk every night of the week but as long as i arrive at work on time and do the job im paid to do then thats all the employers should be concerned with.

    • andreeaglavan on said:

      You could get drunk every night and do your job briliantly, but the employer shouldn’t know. Even if this entry is concerned with uploading pictures on your profile that could jeoperdise your image, things are much more complicated. For instance, any smart phone has a Facebook app, and you are so bored at work and so annoyed with your manager you decide to update your status to : ‘God, another boring, stupid day at work. And my manager shouold kiss my a** instead of telling me what to do. Idiot!’ I am one of the recruiters for a team and you apply for a job within the company. As research shows, I am prone to checking your Facebook profile to judge wether you are a suitable cadidate. And I see your blabber about the company you are currently working for. Would I like the image of my company to be mocked by employees like you, that can’t keep his mouth shut about things inside the company? Don’t think so. Rejected!!!

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