"Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957)

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To Tinder or not to Tinder? That is the question…


Damned if you do, dammed if you don’t

A round of PR shots for everyone

Let me start by saying I never liked and never will like any of the Beckhams… I don’t think David is hot and I don’t see Posh as a good role model with her anorexic figure and all sorts. But from not liking them, to sanctioning what they do, even when that action is a charitable donation is taking things one step too far.

I was reading an article about their clothes and shoes donation to a charity in London, aimed at raising money for the victims of the Philippines typhoon. The article itself had a neutral, even slightly positive tone, but down below in the comments section hell broke loose. Everyone started accusing the family of the fact that they are publicity seeking phonies. Now, let’s think, the Beckham family is usually one that the newspaper would write anything about. If they felt the need to have some attention…

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Never underestimate the power of the Magic Trio

A round of PR shots for everyone

The world as we know it (in the PR and Marketing industry) is rapidly making a drastic change towards a digital era, where targeted e-mail campaigns, social media or webinars are taking over (and slowly killing) the more traditional promotional activities.
But one thing seems to be forgotten in this hype of becoming E-quipped with all the latest technological developments: traditional media still has a great role to play in communicating with large audiences about core issues.

A recent example of a campaign that has cleverly made use of traditional media (TV, radio and print, the former Magic Trio) is the “Be Clear On Cancer” campaign. With an increase of 700 people having discovered lung cancer at an early stage, compared to the previous year , the campaign has shown a great success rate. Although it didn’t use e-mail marketing with lead generation or engaging social media content, the campaign has…

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New Year, New Panic

A round of PR shots for everyone

By now some would have given up on their New Year’s resolutions, others will be proud to have made it through the first full week of quitting smoking, going to the gym or getting very serious about a career change. But the reality is that January is one of the most difficult months for each of us for a million reasons: less money in the bank after the early December pay and winter holiday spending spree, reminiscing about the lovely parties and time spent with friends and family, the pressure of a new beginning and the need for a plan for the upcoming year. But the most difficult challenge is for the brands out there. With a New Year come new plans, as I mentioned, so one will seriously think of replacing the usual fatty dinners for more healthy ones, they’ll think twice before self-indulging in sweet treats… you get…

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Kings and Queens should be back on the politics chess board

A round of PR shots for everyone

Now, let me give you an idea of how I think Americanization has led to the failure of the world as we know it today. A multitude of states, gathered under the name of United States of America gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1776. Since then, they slowly penetrated the rest of the world’s conscience as a sovereign over matters of political and economic aspects. The problem? Have you noticed the decline of European countries, past WWII? Yes, the wars had a lot to contribute; the technological revolution has changed the dynamics of power on a radical basis and yes, the socialist and communist system led to slow or stagnant technological advance and reduced prosperity in numerous nations. But I think the problem lies outside these aspects.


Think back to the 20th century for instance: a period characterized by political instability, geographical expansion of the British, Russian and German empire…

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When you have a plumbing issue, leave it to the plumber

A round of PR shots for everyone

Now, what would you say if a neighbour broke into your living room when you’re arguing with your wife, they would take your wife’s side and threaten that, unless you get out of your own house in 5 minutes, they’ll start shooting? This is exactly how I see Ukraine at the moment, the husband that’s trampled over by Russian troupes that threaten to start fire on the Ukrainian military defence in Crimea, which both parties agreed belongs to Ukraine as far back as 1994. Russia’s claim that 59% of the citizens in the peninsula are Russians and the military presence in the area is aimed at protecting the majoritarian ethnic group in the area is hard to contradict. However, why deny Ukrainians the right to the same action? Perhaps Ukraine felt threatened in its own region also, hence the army troops they’ve sent to Crimea. My most pressing question is, why threaten Ukraine…

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‘I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl’ Princess Margaret

Information in itself is benign and like any tool it can be used for good and bad.  It is the use of information that requires protection not the tool. Want an example that backs up what I just said?

Let’s talk about Facebook pictures (at this point 2 out of 5 readers will go on their Facebook profile, I’m guessing, but please come back).

What you should't post on your Facebook

What you should’t post on your Facebook

Everyone is talking about how someone’s Facebook profile can weigh more than a CV or recommendation, when applying for a job. So, FB users who like to portray themselves as party animals on Facebook will not be perceived as employable no matter their academic or work background.

Let me tell you a little story. In my second year in Uni,
I’ve been told that the fact that I don’t socialise as much, I don’t go out
with my fellow students on nights out and that’s pretty obvious on my FB
profile. Besides the absolute shock I had that the person I was talking to was
aware of what pictures I have and don’t have on my FB profile, my first thoughts
were: shouldn’t knowledge and ability to deliver best quality academic work
outweigh that? Would a future employer’s opinion be the same on this matter?
Well, apparently not, cause if you tend to have wall posts about nights out,
hundreds of pictures clubbing, etc. you are no longer employable.

So, my question is, what should someone chose? Maintaining a
professional image and being perceived as an unapproachable person and unable
to get the best grades for group work or having over 100 tags in common with
people from the course at ‘social’ nights out, clubbing and getting better
grades at group work, but becoming less employable? Think this it’s a weird and
irrelevant association? Ask someone who was ever in university and they will be
in one or the other situation.

But would this really be an issue if pictures and posts you
have on a social media platform would just remain at that and it would remain a
social media website, so a way to keep in contact with friends and other
unprofessional activities… If a real distinction between personal and
professional profiles would be done?

When Mark Zuckenberg claimed that privacy is no longer de riguer and ‘no longer a social norm’
my first thought was, yeah, not entirely wrong, but then again, texting and
driving became a standard behaviour lately. Facebook is doing to privacy what
Nokia was trying to do driving carefully (the steering-wheel input device for

Following this rational path that people are doing it anyway
so why not enable them and do things easier, murderers could viably argue:
‘Well, people die anyway, so why not lend a hand in the process?”

Information in itself is benign and like any tool it can be used for good and bad.  It is the use of information that requires protection not the tool. What an example that backs up what I just said?Let’s talk about Facebook pictures (at this point 2 out

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