"Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957)

who we are

Jana Volkova, PR and Communication Student

Jana is just another ambitious and hard-working student at Southampton Solent University, who strives for personal and professional development. Despite the fact that her experience in PR is limited to two years of university, she has no doubt of making the right choice about her degree. Two of her strongest points are organisation and communication skills, followed by the ability of working under pressure and high stress resilience, established through over 4 years of experience in client targeted environment.

Jana is a creative digital native, with passion for work in various software programs, such as Photoshop, Quark and etc. In addition she has an interest in photography and had her very first local exhibition in summer 2011 in Riga, Latvia. She can be considered as a bit of perfectionist and a lot of workaholic, long working hours and the lack of sleep are not new to her everyday life. As an introvert with a hint of optimism she wants to know everything about everything and takes for her motto “We will rest when we die.”

Additional skills include:                  

  • Presentation skills
  • Research skills
  • Team player
  • Conflict and crisis management
  • Responsibility
  • Multi-tasking

Coming from Russian ancestry, Jana was born on the territory of Latvia and raised in both cultures equally. Since 2009 she independently lives in United Kingdom, is fluent in English and has high interest in culture and tradition. She is also currently studying German. Jana is passionate about dancing Salsa, oil painting and mountain climbing.

Andreea Glavan PR Undergraduate

Andreea is a future PR practitioner who interned for Vestas, getting an insight into B2B and internal communication strategies. She volunteered for organisations like Iraqui Charities Forum, developed and helped raise awareness about on-line campaigns and has a great knowledge about social media platforms and online coverage tactics.

In her second year of University she discovered her passion for interpersonal and intercultural communication and crisis management and is looking forward to becoming an Internal Communications Manager for a multinational company.
She also works alongside the University’s marketing department helping to raise awareness about Southampton Solent University, which is going to be her dissertation subject as well.

She worked on projects alongside clients like Paramount on behalf of Headstream, an online PR company based in Southampton, and this year she will develop a campaign for a local charity and Hampshire Fire and Rescue department. Her perfectionism is rewarded with great results in any project and her flare for research helped her develop new and exciting campaigns that brought her the attention and appreciation of people from companies like Vestas, a leading international Wind System company and Headstream.

Born in Romania, she decided to broaden her horizons by studying Public Relations and Communication in UK. The exciting experience has brought her a great knowledge of two cultures and she is planning on expanding that by working in Dubai after she completes her Masters Degree.

In her spare time, Andreea loves socialising, travelling and learning new languages.

Mihaela Cosac  PR Undergraduate

 An ambitious undergraduate, finding the way into the PR world, Mihaela has excellent communication and sales skills which helped her winning “The Best Paramount Pitch” in her second year of University. With a big passion for marketing and previous experience in promotions as a Brand Ambassador for a UK based company, she volunteered as a marketing assistant in Solent Students Union where she successfully managed to promote different events through social media and not only. Mihaela was also responsible to create marketing plans for new projects launched in the organisation, organise meetings with professionals where she succeeded in determining them to become partners for further activities.

Passionate about interpersonal communication, Mihaela is also a Student Ambassador at Southampton Solent University, helping young people to find their path in life and higher education, by running assemblies and workshops in schools and colleges.  Her interest in the telecommunication industry and her excellent persuasive skills determined Mihaela to become a sales advisor for Orange, the fifth largest telecom operator in the world.

A Romanian by birth, Mihaela decided to study her degree in Southampton, England, and is bilingual, speaking both Romanian and English. She is skilled in other languages as well, speaking Spanish at a limited professional level. Mihaela loves interacting and working with people and has a particular interest in foreign languages and cultures, that is why she is a volunteer in the “Language Swap” programme at Solent Students Union. In the same organisation she shares the passion for Public Relations with others future practitioners, being a member of the PR society.


Mihaela specialises in pitching, internal communication, marketing and promotion, branding, sales, social media,team working and relationship building.

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